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Yuanhong zircon quartz stone


Diamond is a homogeneous body, under crossed polarizers all black, high hardness; and zircon occur stud four dark between crossed polarizers. Diamond has a dear oily, a ball point pen can be in the diamond surface easy to leave the uninterrupted traces, of course, the trace back can be easily erased, zircon is not dear oily, ball point pen can not leave the uninterrupted definition traces on the surface.
Zircon is a natural formation, zircon is a natural stone. For more general imitation diamond. But the general market common imitation diamond jewelry is not zircon. Synthesis of Cubic Zirconia but a name "cubic zirconia".
Cubic zirconia is produced by the salesperson called zircon, most in the early 70's by Soviet scientists artificial synthesis, physical and chemical properties are similar with diamonds, appearance is more similar, so it is also called the "Soviet drilling".
Stone circles on zircon, turquoise, lapis lazuli and listed as the twelve birthday stone, it is a symbol of victory, auspicious, good luck. With a high refractive index and strong dispersion. Red or blue zircon after processing, like sparkling like diamonds, thus known as with diamond gem.
Yuanhong quartz zircon superiority - zircon quartz stone is a natural color stone particles, more noble, elegant.