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Quartz stone production process


Mixing the material, cloth, mold, high frequency shock pressure and vacuum exhaust → high → polishing and cutting, the finished product
Processing procedures:
Selecting materials, hole cutting angle to choose sides, bond thickened, dressing, gongs edge, Shuimo, waxing polishing, inspection and packaging
Processing considerations:
Quartz stone because the hardness is too high, so his plasticity is not artificial stone so strong, processing technology and also higher than that of artificial stone, must pay attention to the following processing quartz stone:
1, connection: quartz stone for barge generally use 45 degree mosaic. When the flat ground, it must first be connected by straight straight surface gongs, access can be seamless docking, the other connection before small glue color, color no problem can be used only for the large joint. Feeder mouth surplus glue in the gel but no hard before using the knife blade is eliminated, when the glue completely hardened after grinding, grinding the scope should not be expanded. Quartz stone with good stitching usually have such as line like traces, but do not look at is not easy to see, but also does not affect the appearance. 2, open hole: blow hole, quartz stone plate bottom plate, not fully suspended, and bear force should be uniform, to prevent cracking in the opening process due to the uneven stress. Opening Qianxian reinforcement in the quartz bottom edges and in the middle, then in the furnace hole four angle punching (drilling drill the head must be diamond drill bit, high hardness of stone processing tool in Yunfu shop on sale), and then the line cutting machine slowly and evenly cut into square, cutting cannot one-time plate cutting wear, can be divided into two steps, the first step cutting plate thickness of 1/3, the second step and the plate cutting wear, to prevent the plate cracking. Furnace hole cut square, with the furnace hole four angle angle grinder grinding arc angle, radius of not less than R10mm, furnace hole four corner back with about 120 × 120mm little thicker plate. The other furnace hole edge and retaining edge distance of not less than 70mm.
3, edge grinding, chamfering: hard diamond terrazzo plate, 50#, 150#, and 300#; polishing, starting with water 500#, polishing cut sheet followed by the use of 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#. Note the diamond terrazzo plate must be hard, must emphasize with supplier. Terrazzo sheet size 3 or 4 points, can be used according to the requirements and.
4, using the glue: dehydration use must first will glue evenly stirred. Glue curing agent and the ordinary man made stone curing agent, the relation between dosage and temperature:
(1) when the temperature is below 10 ℃, curing agent was added to the 1.5-2% glue;
(2) when the temperature at 10 ℃ -20 ℃, curing agent was added to the 1% glue;
(3) when the temperature at 20 ℃ -30 ℃, curing agent was added to the 0.5-0.8% glue;
(4) when the temperature is higher than 30 ℃, curing agent was added to the 0.5% glue;
Prevent the intense chemical contact surface of quartz stone
Quartz has lasting and corrosion resistance, but still need to avoid the contact, and potent chemicals such as: removal of additive, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent; do not contact methylene chloride, acid cleaning agent. If contact with these, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water surface of quartz stone.
Remove scale
Use wet cloth to wipe of the furring, there must be used when the blade root, and then use dry cloth to clean.
Remove the dirt.
Cleaning agent containing ammonia components (such as: with soap or detergent).
To avoid frequent blow, knock quartz stone
Despite the increase in quartz stone containing compound material toughness, impact resistance ability is relatively higher, but still avoid a table, a table or frequent gravity compression table suspension parts, especially the weak part of the table, such as cooking, near the corner, near the basin, splicing site, large span cabinet the middle parts etc..